The a1 is our compact, no compromise 35W power amplifier. It offers a delicately transparent and musical reproduction with zero harshness reminiscent of some of the best tube amplifiers. Tonal sophistication simply unobtainable for audiophiles at this price before.

The delicate transparency of tube amplifiers minus the drawbacks

The .a1 features a exceptionally well implemented hybrid tube/solid state design which gives you the best of two worlds: the delicacy and transparency of the best tube designs with the superior current delivery capability and damping factor of solid state devices.

Tonal density and colours, preserved.

Most solid state amplifiers, par the most expensive and esoteric ones on the market tend to grey out the sound: harmonic and textural density get washed out, harmonic fullness disappears, what remains is a etched, brittle image of the music, which – although detailled – fails to give genuine satisfaction. The .a1 preserves the recorded material full texturality. A piano a piano, a voice a voice, in full color, in full flesh. A level of tonal sophistication rarely accomplished by any amplifier at this price point.

The .a1 is probably the only amplifier in its price range that presents a high frequency reproduction that is absolutely free of intermodulation products. It gives the .a1 it’s unique musicality, a amplifier you can listen to all day.

Highest quality components in all critical signal path locations.

We obsessively curate and fine-tune our selection of components and use highest quality parts in critical locations, such as Charcroft Z-foil ‘naked’ foil resistors – the lowest noise resistor money can buy – and the new range of ClarityCap CSA caps with CopperConnect™ technology. These measures afford the .a1 remarkable increases in terms of transparency and abscence of grain.

Clean contemporary design,
precision engineered,

Our casing is machined from high quality european sourced 8mm aluminium panels and machined with very tight production tolerances. A build quality that inspires confidence.

Tube rolling
made simple.

The .a1 uses one single dual triode, the venerable 6922/E88CC. We opted for one single triode as it allows you to allocate more funds on one single, highly specced and tightly matched tube instead of needing to buy two, this will ensure highest bang for the buck … Suddenly, those super rare cryo treated 1960’s Telefunken tubes are within financial reach. Be part of the magic.

Technical specifications

Class: AB
Type: Stereo power amplifier
Power: 35W / Channel into 8 ohm
Distortion : 0.05 %
Input impedance: 10.000 Ohms
In : 2 X RCA single-ended input
Out: 4 X PureCopper Binding posts
Power supply: 15000uF PSU capacity per rail with advanced 3 cap decoupling, soft start heater supply
Selected components: Clarity Cap CSA coupling caps with CopperConnect technology, Charcroft Z-Foil low noise precision resistors, Pure copper binding posts
Zero global feedback
Local feedback in series (not shunt)
No opamps in signal path

Guarantee: 7 years guarantee on parts and labour – excluding vacuum tube

1460.- Eur Shipping included


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